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jobber [´dʒɔbə]
1. човек, който върши случайна, каква да е работа; работник на акорд (на парче);
2. търговски посредник, комисионер; лице, което се занимава с покупко-продажби на ценни книжа за своя сметка;
3. човек, който дава под наем коли и коне;
4. спекулант, далавераджия; човек, който използва общественото си положение за лични цели.

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Jobber - Jobber may refer to:
Jobbers Canyon Historic District - Jobbers Canyon Historic District was a large industrial and warehouse area comprising 24 buildings located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
Jobber (merchandising) - Jobber, in merchandising, can be synonymous with "wholesaler", "distributor", "broker" or "middleman." A business which buys goods and bulk products from importers, other wholesalers, or manufacturers, and then sells to retailers, was historically called a jobbing house (or jobbing center).
Jobberman - Jobberman is a Nigerian based job portal and career platform that lists candidate job applications for employers and helps connect people looking for jobs with companies hiring.
Jobber (fuel) - A jobber, or petroleum marketer, is a person or company that purchases quantities of refined fuel from refining companies (e.g., BP, Shell, Exxon), either for sale to retailers (e.g., gasoline stations), or to sell directly to the users of those products (e.g., home heating oil to homeowners, lubricating oils to industrial operations or repair shops, jet fuel to FBOs, etc.).
Drill bit sizes - Drill bits are the cutting tools of drilling machines. They can be made in any size to order, but standards organizations have defined sets of sizes that are produced routinely by drill bit manufacturers and stocked by distributors.
Job (professional wrestling) - In professional wrestling slang, a job is a losing performance in a wrestling match. It is derived from the euphemism "doing one's job", which was employed to protect information related to kayfabe from being revealed.
Weymouth Sands - Weymouth Sands was written by John Cowper Powys in rural upper New York State and published in February 1934 in New York City by Simon and Schuster.
George Jobberns - George Jobberns (2 June 1895 – 30 August 1974) was a New Zealand geographer and educator.Born in 1895 at Te Moana near Geraldine in the foothills of South Canterbury, New Zealand, Jobberns taught the first Geography I course at Canterbury University College in 1934. In 1937 he was appointed lecturer-in-charge of the first independent Department of Geography in New Zealand and in 1942 was elected to the first chair of Geography in New Zealand.
Joseph Jobberns - The Very Rev Joseph Brewer Jobberns was Dean of Brechin from 1931 until 1936.He was educated at the University of Aberdeen and ordained in 1895. After a curacy in Dundee he was Rector of Holy Rood Church, Carnoustie from 1896-1922. From 1923 he was the incumbent at St Mary Magdalene, Dundee.

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