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Тълковен, синонимен, етимологичен, двупосочен Английско-Български речник



Английско-Български речник

eternity [i´tə:niti]
1. вечност;
2. вечност, задгробен, отвъден живот;
3. вечност, много дълго време; he kept me waiting for an ~ той ме накара да чакам с часове (цяла вечност).

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Eternity - Eternity or in common parlance means infinite time (or the quality, condition or fact of being eternal).
Eternity (comics) - Eternity is a fictional cosmic entity appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the de facto leader of the abstract entities collectively known as the Cosmic Powers of the Marvel Universe.
Eternity, in Your Arms - Eternity, in Your Arms is the debut full-length studio album by English punk rock band Creeper. Released on 24 March 2017 by Roadrunner Records, it was produced by Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House in the band's hometown of Southampton, where the band had previously recorded their first three extended plays (EPs) – 2014's Creeper, 2015's The Callous Heart and 2016's The Stranger – also with Kennedy.
Eternity/The Road to Mandalay - "Eternity"/"The Road to Mandalay" is the fifth single from Robbie Williams' 2000 Sing When You're Winning album, released in July 2001. "Eternity" does not appear in the album but it was later included on Williams' Greatest Hits album.
Eternity (VIXX song) - "Eternity" (Korean: 기적; RR: Gijeok; lit. "Miracle") is a single recorded by South Korean idol group VIXX.
Eternity: Love & Songs - Eternity ~Love & Songs~ (stylized as ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~) is the first cover album by Japanese pop/R&B singer-songwriter Kumi Koda.
Eternity II puzzle - The Eternity II puzzle, aka E2 or E II, is a puzzle competition which was released on 28 July 2007.
Eternity of the world - The question of the eternity of the world was a concern for both ancient philosophers and the medieval theologians and philosophers of the 13th century.
Eternity ring - An eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is a woman's ring comprising a band of precious metal (usually gold) set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (usually diamonds) to symbolize neverending love, usually given by a spouse to their wife on the occasion of a significant anniversary, typically after 50 or more years of marriage
Eternity of Dimming - Eternity of Dimming is the third full-length studio album by Frontier Ruckus. A double album of 20 songs, the record is nearly an hour and a half in duration.

thumbnail Може да помогнеш за развитието на речника, като станеш редактор и добавяш нови думи или добавяш описание на думи, които са въведени, но все още нямат определение. Ако този речник ти се струва удобен и полезен, може да направиш дарение за развитието на речника. Предварително ти благодарим за подкрепата!


Този речник е уникален с това, че съдържа думи, които често се пишат грешно и при търсене предупреждава за тях.


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