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cockeyed [´kɔk¸aid]
1. абсурден, невероятен;
2. изкривен, крив (и cock-eye); the picture on the wall looks ~ to me картината на стената ми се струва изкривена;
3. кривоглед;
4. sl пиян.

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Cockeyed - Cockeyed may refer to:
Cockeyed Cavaliers - Cockeyed Cavaliers is a 1934 American pre-Code comedy film starring the comedy duo of Wheeler & Woolsey.
Cockeyed.com - Cockeyed.com is a website that covers a variety of subjects, most of which are projects undertaken by the site's creator, Rob Cockerham.
Frank Loving - Frank Loving, sometimes called "Cockeyed" Frank Loving (1860 – April 21, 1882) was an Old West gambler and gunman.
Louis Fratto - Louis Thomas Fratto (July 17, 1907 – November 24, 1967), born Luigi Tommaso Giuseppe Fratto, also known as "Lew Farrell" and "Cock-eyed", was a labor racketeer and organized crime figure in Chicago, Illinois and Des Moines, Iowa from the 1930s to 1967. In 1939, Fratto replaced Charles "Cherry Nose" Gioe as the Mob Boss of Iowa, making his headquarters in Des Moines.
The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County - The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County is a 1970 American Western comedy film by Universal Studios, directed by Anton Leader and Ranald MacDougall, and starring Dan Blocker and Nanette Fabray, with a supporting cast featuring Jim Backus, Mickey Rooney, Wally Cox, Jack Elam, Noah Beery, Jr.
The Cock-Eyed World - The Cock-Eyed World is a 1929 American pre-Code musical comedy feature film. One of the earliest "talkies", it was a sequel to What Price Glory?
The Cockeyed Miracle - The Cockeyed Miracle is a 1946 fantasy film about a ghost who, with the help of his father (also a ghost), stops his best friend from leaving his family penniless.
Strabismus - Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object.
Histioteuthis - Histioteuthis is a genus of squid and the only member of the Histioteuthidae family. It goes by the common name cock-eyed squid, because in all species the right eye is normal-sized, round, blue and sunken; whereas the left eye is at least twice the diameter of the right eye, tubular, yellow-green, faces upward, and bulges out of the head.

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